5 Awesome Spotify Easter Eggs – Hidden Gems

Spotify Easter Eggs

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming apps. It focuses on user experience, offering not only music but also a trove of hidden features and easter eggs. These add a touch of fun and surprise for listeners.

These hidden gems, also called Easter eggs, often pay homage to popular culture, special occasions, and even social causes.

In this article, I will introduce you to five of the most awesome Spotify Easter eggs that will undoubtedly enhance your streaming adventure.

Spotify Easter Eggs

Here are the five most popular Spotify Easter Eggs:

  1. Star Wars Easter Egg
  2. Stranger Things Easter Egg
  3. Christmas Easter Egg
  4. Nyan Cat Easter Egg
  5. Pride Easter Egg

What are Spotify Easter Eggs

Easter eggs is a term in pop culture referring to hidden features, messages, or intentional surprises left within a software, movie, or a video. These are hidden in plain sight, and easy for users to see which adds an element of surprise.

Easter eggs can take various forms like secret messages, hidden gems, or exclusive content. People look forward to these on apps like Spotify and seek out these gems.

Let’s take a look at some fun Spotify easter eggs.

1. Star Wars Easter Egg

The Star Wars franchise has taken the internet by storm for decades now. Spotify has also given fans hidden tricks. When accessed, the soundtrack bar changes to look like lightsabers.

You can activate it by playing a Star Wars playlist. A while back, we also got a fun code, “THX1138” that enabled users to access the lightsaber bar on all playlists.

You can choose from three lightsaber colors.

(Image: Meteoritesound)

Spotify’s Star Wars Easter egg transforms the user interface into a galaxy far, far away. This clever nod to the franchise is a delightful surprise for fans and shows Spotify’s dedication to making the listening experience more immersive and enjoyable.

2. Stranger Things Easter Egg

The Stranger Things Easter egg on Spotify takes you to the eerie and captivating world of the Upside Down.

When you play a song from the Stranger Things playlist, it changes the player to a scene from Upside Down and you’ll notice that the music player begins to glitch and display strange symbols, much like the flickering lights

Here’s a video from Jose Manuel Peres, the developer who implemented this feature in Spotify.

3. Christmas Easter Egg

Christmas Easter Egg includes a festive theme integrated into your Spotify. The progress bar turns into a candy cane, and snowflakes start drifting down your screen.

The Christmas Easter egg on Spotify is a heartwarming touch that evokes the feeling of sitting by the fire on a chilly winter’s night. It’s a lovely surprise that adds a touch of holiday cheer to your listening experience, making Spotify feel like home during the Christmas season.

4. Nyan Cat Easter Egg

Spotify also created a Nyan Cat easter egg that changed the progress bar when you played a Nyan Cat song. This pixelated cat with a Pop-Tart body leaving a rainbow trail is both cute and nostalgic.

This quirky Easter egg is a fun addition to Spotify’s repertoire, especially for those who fondly remember the early days of internet memes.

Unfortunately, it’s not available anymore.

5. Pride Easter Egg

During the Pride month in June, Spotify tunes the volume slider into a rainbow. It also displayed cool slogans.

Spotify’s Pride Easter egg is a heartening gesture of support for the LGBTQ+ community. It demonstrates the platform’s commitment to celebrating diversity and fostering inclusivity.

This Easter egg is more than just a visual treat; it’s a way for Spotify to stand in solidarity with a vital cause.


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Spotify’s Easter eggs are more than just hidden features; they are a testament to the platform’s commitment to delighting and engaging its users.

Whether it’s paying tribute to beloved franchises like Star Wars and Stranger Things, getting into the festive spirit with Christmas animations, or embracing internet culture with the Nyan Cat, Spotify’s Easter eggs add an extra layer of enjoyment to the music streaming experience.

Unfortunately, some of these have been discontinued, but you can still try out some that are available like Star Wars Spotify Easter Egg.

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