Can Spotify Artists See Who Listens?

Can Spotify Artists See Who Listens

Apps like Spotify have revolutionized the music industry, offering a platform for artists to share their music with millions of listeners worldwide.

Spotify for Artists is a tool provided by Spotify that allows musicians to gain insight into their performance. This tool provides valuable data like the number of streams, listener demographics, and more.

However, like many music streaming apps, Spotify has recently been at the center of the debate about the collection of user data. This raises the question, “Can Spotify Artists See Who Listens to their Songs?”

In this guide, we will be covering everything you need to know about Spotify for Artists, and whether they can see who is listening to their songs.

Can Spotify Artists See Who Listens?

No, Spotify artists cannot see who is listening to their music directly. They even cannot see personalized information like the usernames of people who are listening to their songs.

The only information that Spotify shows to artists is the demographics of listeners such as age range, location, and how many times has their content been listened to.

What Type of Data Can Spotify Artists See About Their Listeners?

Spotify offers anonymous listener data to artists. It is done to respect the user’s privacy. Although, artists cannot see the username or personal information of their listeners, here is the type of data they get:

1. Anonymous Listener Data

When you listen to music on Spotify, your data remains private. This means that artists can get access to their overall audience, they cannot identify individual listeners. It ensures privacy and data security.

2. Listener Demographics

Spotify for Artists provides artists with some basic demographics of their listeners. It includes gender, location, listener age, and the device used to access Spotify.

This non-personalized information is important for artists as they can get an insight into their overall audience, allowing them to tailor their music and marketing efforts accordingly.

Keep in mind that this kind of data does not reveal the listener’s true identity.

3. Real-Time Streaming Data

Spotify for Artists provides real-time data to artists, allowing them to see how their music is performing. This data, like YouTube is updated daily, and the artist can track the number of streams, including countries and cities where their music is playing.

Just like other analytics, this data is also anonymous and does not allow the artist to see who exactly is listening to their songs.

4. Popular Music and Playlists

Spotify Artists can also see which of their songs are most popular and where they are being added to the playlists. This data helps them understand which of their songs is resonating with listeners and where are they gaining exposure.

Artists can also see which playlists feature their songs, so they can promote their music effectively.

5. Engagement Insight

Spotify Artists can also access engagement metrics, which include the number of their followers, playlist followers, monthly listeners, new listeners, and more.

These metrics help artists understand their fanbase and measure their channel growth. Additionally, artists can also see how many listeners have saved their songs and created playlists with their music.

Artists can also identify the countries where their listeners are more active, helping them plan tours, and target their marketing efforts.

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Can Spotify Artists See Who Listens FAQs

Can a Spotify artist see their follower’s data?

Spotify artists can see their followers, but not individually. As of 2023, they cannot even see your username, prioritizing user privacy.

Can anyone see what you are listening to on Spotify?

Yes, if someone is following you on Spotify, they can see what songs you are listening to. However, using private sessions, you can stop others from seeing your activity on Spotify.

Can artists see your playlist if it’s private?

No. If you have set your playlist as private, then no one can see it, only you have access to that playlist.


I hope now you know the answer to your question, “Can Spotify Artists See Who Listens”. Spotify places a high emphasis on user data protection and privacy. For that reason, artists cannot see individual listeners who play their songs.

Spotify for Artists is a valuable tool that provides artists with valuable insights into their audience and the performance of their music. But thanks to Spotify’s commitment to user privacy, the identity of listeners remains protected.

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